Mediocrity - RISING STRONG

The face of mediocrity. I hope you one day KNOW what it feels like to be a girl that changed her mind, then changed her world.

💗The day I got my vacation picture back, and started my journey to overcome obesity.

💗The day a bully called me fat... and no neck..

💗The day I lost a baby, had a D&C, then went to work on Monday and said “My weekend was great”.

💗They day my home was broken into, and all my most prized sentimental things were stolen.

💗The day my ex wracked up almost 50K in credit card debt on drugs and gambling and I refinanced my home to cover it up.

💗The day I pretended we were “fine”.. and “good”

💗The day, he did it again.

💗The day I punched a hole in the wall.

💗The day I sobbed in my kitchen, not knowing if I could handle any more.

💗The day I left my home.. and everything in it, and started back at ground zero.

💗The day I applied for government assistance.

💗The day I left my doctors office with sleeping pills and anti depressants and took 2 stress leaves

💗The day I was called a crazy bitch and was told to pop another pill

💗The day he died of Cancer at the age of 35, and I was 11 minutes too late arriving to the hospital.

💗The day as a single mother, I had to put my best friends tomb stone on a credit card, while paying for 2 homes, and all child support seized.

💗The day I got served court papers, and had to pay out of pocket legal expenses, while the others had “free legal aid”… then on the very last day of court they decided not to show up.

💗The day I told my boss I wasn’t going to do his job. I didn’t want MORE work for the same pay. That day I got fired from my job.

💗The day I said FUCK IT ALL, and came back SWINGING and built a 6 figure business in less than 2 years.

💗The day I took MY power back.

💗The day I made my first $28,000 in one week.

💗The day I retired my husband.

💗The day I decided that I’m in fact capable of ACHIEVING anything I want for myself.

You see friends…. What does HEALTH and HAPPINESS mean to you?

What it means to me, is not just exercising and eating well. It’s means RISING THE FUCK up and living your life STRONG. It means letting go of the past. It means finding forgiveness. It means loving. It means living BRAVE. It means having courage. It means WORKING HARD to create the kind of life you REALLY LOVE.

These days I’ve got a BIG ENEMY, and I’m going NOSE to NOSE with it.👉People CHOOSING a life of mediocrity when they are capable of SO much more.

If YOU are living a life of MEDIOCRITY… Existence…POOR HEALTH….. Congrats .

You’re choosing that path.

You want to change your life? You want to live happy?

DO. THE. WORK.... or don’t and end up living a SAD, depressed, miserable life. But if you choose NOT to do the work, stop 🛑 complaining and just be happy.

Only ONE thing ever changed my life, and that was DECIDING I was no longer willing to settle for ANYTHING less than EVERYTHING I told myself I couldn’t have.

PS... To all those haters and gossipers watching. Keep watching. I’m just getting warmed up... or heck..... Reach out.... Maybe I could help you LIVE your best life too!

Success generally leaves clues 😘

Beautiful Life Lessons

Early morning yoga and meditation for me. My morning routine I started years ago changed my life. I thought back today.... My past being full of beautiful life lessons 💗

The HURT and dis-ease continues to thrive and survive because someone is unwilling to end the altercation. That person may be you. Maybe not, but YOU are the one you need to be concerned about.

I’m coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the day I found myself in my doctors office leaving with a bottle of antidepressants and sleeping pills.

Coming to grips of being a single mom with a 4 month old was a lot. Stress, and situational depression set it, and I found myself struggling. Finances were in the negative and I was down at below ground zero.

Deep down I 🙏knew🙏 I’d be okay, but that took many years to get back on my feet. Many HARD years. Many dark days.

I was resentful. I was mad. I was pissed. I remember punching a hole in the wall. I yelled and screamed a lot. I cried a lot. I was cynical. I was bitter. I was hurt. I was unhealthy.

Above all else. I was so unbelievably unhealthy from the inside out. I chose to leave my marriage knowing deep down it was the right thing to do.

I left that marriage, not fighting for half of everything. Not taking half the house. Not going through the system. Not fighting at all. I simply left it all walking away from everything I worked my ass off for, bar a few of my favourite things which I eventually gave away when I started over.

After we moved on. At first it was hard when I saw another women with her hair wrapped in the pink towels I bought. Sleeping in my bed, under the covers that I bought and paid for. Eating off the plates I picked out.

Stuff. No real meaning. Stuff.

I knew I had to come to a place of inner peace. Of acceptance for all the hurt was causing such turmoil. Such bitterness. Such ugliness in my life. Such stress and it was only affecting my ability to mother my child and give him the best of me.

Before my ex died, we had come to an amazing place of co-parenting. One that I’m so proud of. A great guy. An amazing dad. We did good. I still call him one of my best friend, as he was... and always will be. I miss him terribly, but know he's always around.

Looking back on all that silly drama, stress, and nonsense for what?? For it actually to NOT to matter in the end.

The stress. The hurt. The stuff. I had let go. I had to move forward. I had to be FREE so that I could live and LOVE again.

My mentor once said: Chances are if your past is STILL hurting you, it’s because someone is unwilling to end the altercation with an authentic act of kindness, or forgiveness.

Someone MUST risk retuning injury with kindness, or hostility will NEVER turn to good will.

Looking back I can honestly say, I’ve never regretted my decision to let my past go. To move forward. To forgive. To live. To be free. To be authentically happy and at peace with it all.

Do you have someone or something you need to let go of? Could you END the suffering right NOW simply with an offering of love and kindness?

If so.... My best advice would be do just that, and good will will find you. Peace will find you. Happiness will find you. Love will find you. Health will find you. 🙏💗

Speaking from my own personal experience only. No guarantees, as YOUR success comes down to whether or not you're willing to show up and WORK HARD for the kind of life you know deep down you're worthy of having.



Paul Vs. Sam

Today after yoga on my hotel towel, thought about my 2 uber drivers yesterday. KEEP READING.

PAUL.  🙏❤️A refugee from Congo Africa. His family still in Refugee Camps back “home”. Broke. Living a life in Africa that he needed to escape from. He is young. Maybe my age, but he came here 🇨🇦 and made a life for himself. He came only with 2 pairs of pants. 1 shirt. No money in his pocket. He has a shot got wound in his leg. No license. No car. No home and was living on the streets his first night. No family. No English. Nothing but the hope and a vision of a better life. 

He actually met a business man who gave him $1000, and told him to use it wisely. Stay away from drugs. Stay away from alcohol and get yourself a place to stay. An angel you could say.

Paul works for minimum wage and refuses tips. He taught himself how to speak English watching YOUTUBE videos’. He saves ALL his money, and sends it back home for his family. I was late for dinner because I wanted to know more about his story.

When he DOES go out though, he goes to the nicest restaurants, and surrounds himself with as many positive people he knows. He’s been to the restaurant he dropped me off at. He smelled nice. He was driving a beautiful car. He was dressed nice. He was so happy. So positive. This is is second job. He works for UBER part time, when he can but has another full time job.

I asked him where he wants to be in 5 years. He said, I want to marry a GOOD woman, start a family, and teach them that they can DO anything they want, and buy a home.❤️❤️

Now meet SAM. He picked me up from the Restaurant. “I can’t afford to go in there”… “High Class”.. “Can’t Afford it.. and have NEVER been in there”. Some days I HATE this job. I don’t like it. Doesn’t work full-time.

He has a family. He has a home. He has clothes in his closet that he told me he buys, and never wears. Tags still on them. BUT.. is BROKE…. He gets mad at other UBER drivers because he NEEDS the money, and it bothers him when others drivers have someone in their car. When he goes to the mall and sees a $65 shirt, and only has $10 in his pocket, it bothers him that he can’t “afford it”.

I simply asked him 👉👉WHY he felt that he needed MORE when he was wearing a shirt already? I told him Pauls story and said maybe you shouldn’t be JEALOUS of your “competition” because maybe your “competition” works super hard, and needs it more than you.

I left his car and told him he should read this book:  👉👉 Change your Thoughts. Change your life 😘

2 VERY different men. 2 VERY different results.

You don’t need me to give you the moral of the story here Do you??

If you WANT a better life, go out there and MAKE a better life. You also get what you THINK ABOUT all day long. Paul dreams. He lives into the FUTURE. I wanted to stay in his car and chat. Sam.. Well he complains, competes, and never feels as if he has enough. I couldn’t WAIT to get the hell out of his car 😂

Guess who gets the tip? The ABUNDANCE? The success? The happiness? The life he DREAMS of?

The driver hard who works hard, is positive and expects NO tips in return 😘😘

If you have to be someone. Be a Paul. Mmmmkay? Cool.

Have the best day!

Nothing will EVER be good enough for you

Nothing will EVER be good enough for you. Words that’s someone said to me... Words that stung... 😢but it was the truth. Words I keep close to my heart, any time I catch myself. When will it be ENOUGH? When will you STOP striving? Inner Peace, Wholeness, and Acceptance is a tough goal to achieve.

One of the biggest transformations this past year in 2018 that I learned the most about... BODY IMAGE 💗... Please keep reading as our greatest task in life is getting OVER ourselves so we can become our TRUE highest self. The soul. The higher self that is NOT attached to a body, a number, a status. Releasing our EGO so we can LIVE HAPPY and WHOLE 💗

I’m going to be VERY real here. I lost a pound of skin in 2018. Felt like a million pounds of BAGGAGE. This loose skin made me feel like I had to keep doing MORE. Had to keep striving. Had MORE work to do. I hated it.

My stomach was fixed, but then I became instantly fixated on the OTHER parts of my body that I hated. I gained 6 pounds. Cellulite in my ass. Stretch marks on my arms... fluff around the love handles. I picked. I pulled. I used words NOT of love, but of weakness.

That needed to shift. That needed to change and I went through a shift of becoming my highest self not attached to EGO. A number, or fluff around the middle. It’s why I felt called to create a SELF LOVE course about to launch 🚀🚀 as it’s an INSIDE job comprised of letting go over emotional blockages, forgiving, gratitude and forgiveness... and LOVE 💗

I’m not saying you shouldn’t work on yourself. Surgery is not vain, if it’s for the right reasons and if something truly bothers you, then YES... call up my angels @theplasticsurgeryclinic clinic and change it.

But don’t get so caught up in the exteriors that you forget what’s on the INSIDE. Don’t get so caught up striving for perfection because it’s impossible.

Love the skin you’re in. Breathe LOVE into your body and soul daily and speak kindness to yourself each and every day... even if that means you’ve got cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin and wrinkles.

My goal for 2019 is THIS... and will always be this. Love 💗It’s the answer to everything.

Stay tuned for the launch of my very first ever online course. I want to help you get your spark back.

I’m so excited to share 👇👇👇 Link is down below to some incredible SELF LOVE secrets xo

What Matters Most

8 years ago. My baby boy. Don’t you think Elliott looks like Easton? I do.

❤️Jeans : 50 cents.. USED…at a Mommy sale.
💚Onesie and Hat: $2 - Dollarama

The first year I was a single mom. The first Christmas I was alone. $2.50 to dress my little guy and he’s perfect!

TODAY… In a world full of matching “perfect outfits”, 🙄conspicuous consumption, and “happy perfect”, I simply want to remind you of something this holiday season.

It doesn’t matter how “perfect” your outfits were, if they even matched or how much you spent on them. Me.. I still think I win every time I dress my kids for under $5 or buy second hand.... 👉 This mama still refuses to get caught up in buying THINGS... or getting sucked in to keeping up with the Jones’.

What matters?? LOVE.  🙏❤️Memories. LIVING LIFE.. and not faking perfect. 

Promise....You’ll look back on the hard seasons of life and remember you MADE IT. That it wasn’t always happy and perfect, but you made it and it didn’t matter what you wore. You LIVED. You loved. You made memories, and you’re smiling in the end.

The holidays might not always be a happy time for most. In fact when I was a single momma with no money the LAST thing I wanted to see was “perfect”… and over consumption.

I like to believe it’s NEVER too late for a happy ending.. and that’s the beautiful thing about life… 

Our happy ending comes because WE DECIDE to take ownership over our past, and get busy creating the ENDING we truly know and feel deep within our hearts that we DESERVE.

AHA Moment

I had this little AHA moment....
Aria was waiting for me at the door. I wasn’t ready yet, and she was rushing me. She was constantly repeating to me... “Mommy... lets go”. “MOM”... “hurry up”..... She was excited to get to a birthday party and she was rushing me.
I was annoyed. Like really annoyed. I was frazzled. I snapped and told her to wait. My anxiety of trying to get myself together was taking longer than what it would have had she just sat quietly. 
Then a thought popped into my head. 👉👉👉If I feel like this when I’m being RUSHED... Am I creating unnecessary anxiety in my kids when rushing THEM out the door in the morning????
I can’t help but think that YES... Maybe in my moments of MOM crazy... I was making my kids anxious and annoyed, frazzled and upset.

So that’s when my self control needed to shift.

❤️I can choose to remain calm in moments of busy.

❤️I can choose to breathe deeply and not panic.

❤️I can choose to not lose my temper and remain calm allowing them to take their time if I manage my time properly.

❤️ I can choose patience.

❤️ I can choose to be present in my thoughts instead of thinking ahead and worrying.

❤️I AM the problem... and yet oddly enough, I am also the solution.

This whole self awareness and change thing is kinda super amazing. Is it hard work to work on yourself? Yup.... but is it worth it? Does self care, time, fitness, eating healthy and awareness change your life?

You bet... But it also has a ripple effect. It also improves the well-being and happiness to those around you.

I just didn’t want to be that mom that lost her shit every morning and rushed her kids out the door. I knew it was up to me... and only me to change that.

And so I did.

Is it perfect? Nope, but I was never striving for perfection. I was only striving for inner peace and I strive to do better and make progress each and every day❤️

I deserve that, and so does my family ❤️

Give More

Easton has been asking for a little brother and he finally got one today.

Meet Carlos Rafael. A 2 year old little boy from Nicaragua. 

We have so much, and while we have food on our table, clothes on our back, and fresh clean water easily accessible at our fingertips, some mothers need to walk more than 5k to get water for their babies. 

This has been something that has been weighing so heavily on my heart for years now. It was on my vision board 4 years ago, and selfishly got pushed to the side.

Today as timing would have it, the opportunity to give more was placed in my path today at the moment I needed it the most.  

For less than a coffee a day, you can make a difference in this world, yet often we operate from NOT ENOUGH, and we get caught up in our own lives, when we should be looking outward.

We operate from a place of lack, and a desire for more, and I believe in my heart of hearts that the best gift we can give is to be in the service of others.  To help. To inspire. To love.

My heart is full. If you ever start to wonder WHY you're so empty on the inside, look within and ask yourself, what more can I do for others.  What more can I give. Who can I help.  How can I serve.

When you take it all off our yourself and your own selfish needs, you may find your troubles, were not really troubles at all, and you have everything you to live a happy, healthy, beautiful life.



Too Blessed to be Stressed

Moms do you find this time your stress level is super high? Like a big juicy pimple that just comes to surface and eventually🤯 EXPLODES. 

Ya.. Me too, and yesterday that totally happened.

I don’t want you feel like you’re failing. You’re not. Life is BUSY!

Between kids, work, birthday parties, basketball, dance, a toddler, Christmas shopping, the homework, play dates, the permission slips.. There are seasons where I find the stress high and my anxiety increases. 

THEN... Oh wait for it. 

I had someone with no kids tell me they were “too busy” for a 30 minute workout. and I legit wanted to punch 🤛 her in the face.  👉👉Walk away Lindsay. Walk away before someone gets hurt here. 

NO joke, How Do you do it all? 

Well Moms I’m just going to tell you what works for me. The coles not version is I REFUSE to let this MOTHER SHIP SINK, and I have huge WHY that keeps me going!

1️⃣ I REFUSE to let being busy be an excuse to neglect my own self care. Tried that once. Haggarag, exhausted and being miserable daily, wasn’t working for me. I add myself to the TOP of the to-do list.

2️⃣ 30 minutes of fitness at home is what I do most days. I barely have time to pee alone. This new 20 minute program I’m doing is even better! This mom legit has no time for a gym

3️⃣Take some time. This morning I’m clocking in a little later than normal. I needed to slow down. Organize a closet. Curl my hair and get my Lysol Wipes out. Cleaning actually makes me happy. Putting on makeup, and feel pretty also works for me.

4️⃣Music. I turn on the tunes LOUD… and just get into a new energy level.

5️⃣ GRATITUDE. Instead of focusing on how busy I am, my Mantra shifts. I am TOO BLESSED to be Stressed, and refocus on the miracles and magic moments in my life.

6️⃣ Make a list. What’s currently bothering you? For me it sounds silly, but I get stressed when there’s surface mess EVERYWHERE. I took time this morning to get those things done.

7️⃣ Moms…. Seriously. Take a day. Call in sick. Take a mental health day, and get yourself grounded again. Go shop. Go date yourself. Do something for you! I hope for your own sake you haven’t lost yourself. If you have... FIND HER! 

8️⃣ Breathe. I meditate a few times a day. I unplug often, and just take some time to focus on my breath. If your anxiety is super high this time of year, get STILL friends! 

9️⃣ Forgive yourself. You gotta release the guilt, the shame, the guilt. You gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself off, wipe away your tears and BOSS UP.


Now it’s time for me to get to work! 

I’ve got ladies to enrol for my December group, and I’m running a Free Healthy for the Holidays group next week, and a NEW 20 minute program launch is in a few weeks. 

Can’t wait. 

You’ve got this beauties. Yes it takes WORK, and focus, but the payoffs are huge. 


Lead the Way

I asked him today..Do you remember when you were 4 and had a major meltdown over a superman shirt and we were almost late for your first day of kindergarten? No.

I asked him..Do you think Aria will remember her meltdowns at this age too? He said No.

Then a Taylor Swift song came on. He asked questions. At age 14 she moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of singing. She went for it despite failure, judgement, and fears, she followed her heart. She had a dream and she went for it. She wanted more, and she went for it.

I then told my son this: 
All I wish for you is that you are happy, and healthy. Don’t you EVER let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, and if you have a dream, you go for it! You must BELIEVE in yourself. You must follow your heart.
If there’s ONE conversation he remembers. I hope it was this one. I think at 9, he will.
The only wish I have for my children is that they simply go after the kind of life that makes them happy. That they are kind, and caring. 

Flashy job titles, income... things... don’t matter if you’re not happy. If you’re not fulfilled. That comes from within. An inner passion. A purpose.

Whatever his dreams are. Whatever his goals are, I will 100% support his decision and direction as his dreams and gifts were already given to him. ❤️He’s already got them inside, and it’s up to HIM to figure out those dreams and then go after them.

As a coach, and business mentor, I see so many women phone it in. 

So many women quit. So many women waiting. So many women settling, or playing it safe. 

So many women not even starting for fear of failing. So many women existing and unhealthy. So many women insecure and judging others. So many women NOT going after their OWN dreams for fear of judgement and fear or rejection, and then I think this...
How is it OKAY that you tell your kids to go after their goals and dreams, but then you don’t? 
Sounds kinda silly right? 
I think so. 😘 .

Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I skipped dinner last night and ate half a bag of dill pickle chips alongside a glass of red wine. I could have ate the entire bag... until I looked at the calories for 14 chips and said.... oh shit I’ve eaten about 100 🤣... The math started... 100 divided by 14 x 270 🤪Letting it go now.... Letting to go.
One could say that is an epic failure from a health coach. The ladies in my accountability groups will know this is real life here. Chips happen. Our soul needs it sometimes, but what matters is what we do AFTER that failure.

Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I’ve missed out on over $200,000 in quarterly bonuses this year. A goal I set. I failed. A goal I didn’t hit.... yet.

I reflected on this last year. Questions I asked myself:

👊What’s preventing me from growth? 
👊What’s stopping you?
I missed goals I set for myself, my team, and my business. 
I had women quit on their health journeys. I have has coaches quit when they told me they REALLY wanted this.
I had to yank a coach from our team. A weed that had to be pulled and yes, when you yank a weed. Dirt goes flying. That was hard, but it had to be done. A weed that was no longer a good fit for the kind of team I had envisioned. I prayed hard on that one. 
I’ve dragged people along, when their hearts weren’t in it. 
I’ve had to create boundaries that some might not like. I’ve had to stop spending time on those who don’t want to work. 
I’ve had to grow and learn and implement to skills which is sometimes frustrating.

I wanted to finish my book this year. It’s talking longer than I thought.
Want to know what makes me the most annoyed???

It’s all my OWN damn fault.

It was me. It’s always been ME stopping myself from growth and reaching my goals.

I chose to eat chips. I allowed missed goals as an opportunity to doubt myself.

I allowed a negative person to question my integrity, my good intentions and my moral compass.

I’ve compared myself to others and let other people inactions and own choices to negatively impact my life.

I’ve allowed my own fears and insecurities to keep me small.

I have been a people pleaser and I’ve walked around on egg shells.

I’ve mismanaged my time, and chose to ONLY focus on what didn’t work... or what went wrong.

You see friends when we take some time to ask ourselves the tough questions of what actually is preventing us from PROGRESS and GROWTH, we will soon realize one very critical thing.

It’s all our own damn fault.

I AM the problem. I AM also the solution.

So I asked myself another question. 👉If I know that I am in fact the ONLY person preventing myself from progress and reaching my goals, then “what am I going to do about that”?? ☺️

I’ve STILL got it in me to go after everything I told myself I couldn’t have. Do you?

There is never a shortage of dreamers out there friends. Just a shortage of people who quit.

Don’t be a quitter ok? That doesn’t look pretty on anyone!

Time to hit up the spa 👊💗