What do you need to know?

This at home workout program is one of my personal favourites, and SHAUN T is the MAN!  Focus T25 is a 10-week program made up of workouts that only take 25 minutes to do.  This program is ideal for those with busy schedules or people who are short on time but want to "GET IT DONE" and do the best workout in the shortest time possible. This fast and effective workout is about no nonsense, no wasted time, and all about getting great results. It's short in time, but intense, and has eleven workouts that will push your whole body to new limits.  These workouts are packed with cardio and resistance moves that require minimal equipment to do, but every ounce of commitment and dedication to get 100% ripped.    


Who should buy the program?

Anyone: men and women, younger and older. People who are busy, single, married, parents, working, etc.  It's for anyone and everyone who wants to workout in less time and get great results fast.


What do I need for this program?

You don’t need much. You need a 6 square feet of space, and a set of light and heavy dumb bells to start. I generally recommend 3lb and 5lb to start.


What is included in the T25 Challenge Pack?

  •  A COMPLETE 10 week at home program workout kit with DVDs which includes 11 nonstop 25-minute workouts
  • Nutrtion and Recipe Guide
  • ALPHA-BETA Workout Calendars
  • 30 meals of Shakeology to kill all your chocolate and carb cravings
  • B-LINES Resistance Band (15 lbs.)
  • ME as your personal coach
  • Access to my EXCLUSIVE VIP LIFETIME support accountability group
  • Free 30 day access to over $2000 worth of workouts you can stream anywhere in the world
  • Free t-shirt when you complete the program


ALPHA:  5 weeks focused on building the foundation of total-body fitness

Cardio - 25 minutes of calorie-burning, sweat-drenching cardio.

Speed 1.0 - Ignite your quickness. Burn the fat. Fast-paced for fast results.

Total Body Circuit - Focus on strength and resistance-without lifting a single weight.

Ab Intervals - Cardio and ab intervals that shred the fat from your midsection.

Lower Focus - Focus on your lower-body muscles-the key to burning fat and kicking up your metabolism.


BETA: 5 weeks designed to take your body to a whole new level by focusing on the core

Core Cardio - Get your sweat on. This progressive cardio-core workout is about you getting shredded fast.

Speed 2.0 - Rev it up with Shaun's calorie-scorching, core-focused speed drills.

Rip't Circuit - Cardio...upper body...legs...abs...repeat. This is how you get ripped in 25 minutes.

Dynamic Core - You'll go from vertical to horizontal and back again in this dynamic, crazy core routine.

Upper Focus - Shaun will help you develop the upper body of your dreams. All you have to do is FOCUS.

BONUS Workout

Stretch - After 5 days of hard work, stretch it out-and enjoy this one. You deserve it.


How do you join my EXCLUSIVE Challenge Group?

#1 I must be your assigned coach.  If you already have an assigned coach please reach out to that person and ask about their accountability groups!

#2 Complete the application below so that I can gather more information about you and to see if this would be a good fit for you! Not every program is right for every person! 

#3 Requirements to participate are that you commit to the T25 Challenge pack which includes the workout program, nutrition guide, program manual, schedule of workouts to follow, Shakeology

#4 Be an active member of our online support and accountability group.  You must be willing to show up every day, be honest with your nutrition, check in for accountability and support!  In return, I am going to help you with daily accountability, motivation, tips and tools to get you the BEST results possible!  

If you are ready to accept the challenge, commit to change and get great results then make sure you fill out the application below to get started!

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